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How To Create A Responsive Navigation

One of the trickiest parts to be responsified on a website is “the Navigation”, this part is really important for the website accessibility, as this is one of the ways visitors jump over the web pages.

There are actually many ways to create responsive web site navigation and even some jQuery plugins are available to do it in a second.

However, rather than applying an instant...

The Pressures of Content Creation

The marketing world seems ablaze with so-called "content marketing" ideas lately. Everywhere you turn, it's content-this, content-that. There are conferences that are specifically dedicated to content marketing. I've even been guilty of saying that content is the currency of social.

With such ubiquity of content conversations, it should be easy, right? Not so fast. Plenty of...

Laser Focused Email Marketing: Part 1- List Segmentation

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting a three part series about how you can achieve laser focus on your email campaigns.When we talk about focused email marketing, there are really three parts to success.

  • Define who should receive the email
  • Decide the most important part of the message should convey
  • Write targeted Subject Lines and Copy to support your email

Targeted List SegmentThe first...

Creating Responsive Websites with Photo Backgrounds

The trend of large photographic backgrounds has become very popular in recent years. The improvement of Internet connections has allowed more data transfer per second, which means images can load a lot quicker in real-time. There are also plenty of open source scripts out there for generating cross-browser support using fixed photo backgrounds.

In this guide I want to discuss...