5 Easy Steps to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Optimizing conversion rates can sometimes seem like a daunting task. You know that you’ve got a good product to sell, but how can you get people interested in your website? More importantly, how can you do this without spending a lot of money? Here are 5 techniques to utilize the tools that are most likely already at your disposal!

Post Order Follow Up

The first easy and effective means of boosting site presence is to offer a order follow-up to customers. This is an easily generated email that you design and set to automatically be distributed. You can typically set the follow-up to be sent out based on product purchase or upon product shipment, or both.

The advantage of sending out a post order follow-up is that you get the chance to re-connect with the customer, and draw them back into your site. Use this opportunity to ask your customer to write a product reviews-make it fun, offer a discount for completing a review! Or better yet, enter them into a monthly giveaway! Ask them to share your website, and their product(s) purchase through whatever social networks they may use. This sort of drip-marketing promotes your business and simultaneously increases your odds of another purchase from the consumer. Use this chance to also resolve any negative feedback you may receive from the customer, and make right on their gripes.

New Account Follow Up

Along with the customer follow-up is another variation that has proven to be effective in generating greater conversion rates. This 2nd option is to send a New Account follow-up. This is for the people that have taken the time to create an account but didn’t actually make a purchase.

It’s unlikely somebody would actually go through setting up an account without the intention of making a purchase, but when this happens, it’s smart to send out an email within a few days and see if you can retrieve that customer. Offer them a promotion for completing their order and invite them to join your newsletter. Set this request out within one day of a new account, and the chances of your product still being fresh in their mind is great!

Custom Coupon Page

The 3rd tip on bringing back and creating new customers is to set up your own coupon page. The goal here is to create your own coupon-landing page for your customers to find using a search engine. If you keep the words ‘coupon’ or ‘promo code’ in the page name than it is going to be simple for them to find.

This makes sure that your customers are brought directly to YOUR site; keep it simple and minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to your domain. Regardless, bring the customer to your domain. Not somebody else’s.

Email Marketing

Email-Marketing is the 4th step which is easy to incorporate and is essential to sites which already have a base foundation of customers. Every shopping cart system should help you develop your email list. From the account creation page, to a banner throughout the site, make it easy for the customer to sign up for your newsletter. Extend an upfront discount when they signup for the newsletter, and design the promo so it is visible, but do not design it to distract from your products.

Your goal should be to send an email campaign out once a week, as this increases the chance that it actually gets read by the consumer. The newsletter is a much more laid back call-to-action; you also get the chance to touch base with the consumer on new services, product releases, or industry specific news.

Free Samples

A 5th opportunity to increase customer numbers and draw people in is to extend a free product. This may seem a bit difficult depending on what you are selling, but you can easily be creative and distribute something that is cost effective while still boosting brand awareness. The beauty of this approach is it could be something digital; an ebook, a guide, a checklist, etc…

The benefit of this is the vast amount of information that you receive from the consumer. For example, you can get them to sign up for your newsletter, where you can survey them and learn what type of products they are interested in.

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